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Hindu Festivities

Hinduism is the most popular religion practiced in India.They usually are held in the form of rituals,fasts and sacrifices.They are very colourful and enthusiastic.Hinduism has plenty of gods and goddesses.There is at least one festival dedicated to each gods and goddesses.People go to their respective villages for celebrations/Sweets or mithais are served to each poor and family memebrs gather together either in the ancestral homes or in religious places.Huge worships or Pujas and processions are held in temples.The Hindu priests or purohits preside over these rites and rituals.Everyone get dressed in their traditional attires.Idols and images of God are brought with respect at home.These festivals usually last for a particular period and occur in a particular month.At the last day,the idols and images are immersed in water as a mark of bidding God a goodbye.These festivals's dates are decided according to the position of planets,i.e.,astrology and the traditional Hindu calender.

The major Hindu festivals celebrated are:

* Holi
* Durga Puja
* Diwali
* Ganesh Chaturthi