The Collaboration of Flowers

This website created by Srishti - 7th std of North Point School, Koperkhairane.

Hi! I am Srishti. I will give you information about Flowers.
Flowers are a very beautiful part of a plant.
They are found in various colors like-red, orange, blue etc.
Flowers are also a mix of 2 shades.

Types of occasional Flowers

Ritual Flowers
Wedding Flowers
Funeral Flowers
Romantic Flowers
Decorative Flowers

1. Ritual Flowers

Location - Lotus originates from southern parts of Asia and Australia, but it can be found in aquatic cultures throughout the world today.
Life span – An individual lotus can live up to 1000 years.
Kingdom – Lotus belongs to the plant kingdom
Botanical name – the botanical name of lotus is Nelumbo Nucifera.
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2.Wedding Flowers

Location - tulips are found in Holland.
Lifespan – Tulips can live up till a week
Kingdom – Tulips belong to the plant kingdom
Botanical name – The botanical name of Tulip is Tulipa
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3. Funeral Flowers

Location - Lilies are mostly found in the northern hemisphere (Europe, Asia and North America). Most species grow in temperate and tropical areas.
Lifespan - Lilies can live up to 8-9 years.
Kingdom – Lilies belong to the plant kingdom.
Botanical name – Lilies botanical name is Lillium.
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4.Romantic Flowers

Location - Roses are normally found in Asia, Europe, North America, and northwestern Africa.
Lifespan – A rose can live for several months.
Kingdom – Roses belong to the plant kingdom.
Botanical name – The botanical name of rose is Rosa.
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5.Decorative Flowers

Location - Most orchid species grow in tropical forests, but others can be found in semi-desert regions, near the seashore and in the tundra.
Lifespan – Orchids can live up to 10 years.
Kingdom – Orchids belong to the plant kingdom.
Botanical name - The botanical name of Orchid is Orchidaseae.
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